Monday, 11 March 2019

When Politics Make Sense

Happy International Women’s Day!

“They tried to bury us. They didn't realize we were seeds.”

On this day, we are proud to share with you what we stand for:

The vision of PerSIStence Theatre is community enlightenment based on the core beliefs of feminism.

We are a charitable.non-profit organization based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, that responds to the persistent and universal need for promoting, understanding and embracing the core beliefs of feminism. Through professional theatre and related initiatives, we work to change hearts and minds.

  • We challenge discrimination and stereotype in all forms
  • We offer opportunities to all genders with a focus towards people who identify as women*
  • We respond to issues that affect women and girls in our community
  • We re-examine universal stories traditionally told by men, through a feminist lens
  • We produce stories where at least 50 per cent of the text is spoken by female character(s)

Feminism: The belief in political, economic, personal, and social equality for women*.

  • Sexism exists
  • Sexism against women (misogyny) is enduring, pervasive, systemic, cultural, and ingrained
  • All genders should have equal rights and opportunities
  • All genders are the intellectual and social equals of each other
  • All genders should be recognized and treated as equals

*Women: PerSIStence Theatre recognizes the limiting nature of the binary use of woman. We serve and welcome anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies either always or some of the time as a woman. We also serve and welcome those who identify as nonbinary. 

Intersectionality: PerSIStence Theatre works through an intersectional lens for gender parity. We understand and acknowledge that systems of oppression and discrimination are interdependent and span all social categorizations such as race, class, gender, ability, parental status, size, age, and sexual orientation as they apply to a given individual or group. Addressing one spoke of systematic discrimination or disadvantage means holistically addressing them all. 

A great way to celebrate international women’s day

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