Saturday, 19 January 2019

Oh, For the Love of Words!

I have often joked that my business card should read, "Ms Words, For Fun and Profit".  Yes, words are my friends and I truly relish them.

A long while ago, a colleague of mine quipped, "what's the use of big words if nobody can understand you?"  I agree that words are meant for communication and there is little use in obscuring meaning with "fancy words".  However, I do refuse to dumb things down because that seems to me to be a race to the bottom. 

Thinking about my co-workers' comment and being truly adversarial at heart I subscribed to the Merriam Webster's word-of-the-day service.

I was a little disappointed.  This week there was only one word that I had never seen before: freegan.  Not surprisingly, it refers to someone who only eats free or recycled food. 

I didn't realize that I would get to use the word the same day that I made its acquaintance courtesy of Miriam, or rather Merriam.  (Yes, I am having fun anthropomorphizing words and books.)  Last night, I was in a Spanish restaurant where they are testing new recipes for a February launch.  I was offered a bowl of quail soup.  It was excellent– a great combination of creamed onions, quail and Vallencia oranges.  In turn, I offered a taste to a friend of mine.  His response was "no thank you, I've become a vegan".  I couldn't resist saying that what I had become was a freegan.  (Yay!).

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