Monday, 28 December 2015

Sometimes you really need a laugh

I wanted to end the year on a lighter note because there has been so much depressing news in the headlines, so I will share a short true story of something that made me smile recently.  Memorial University has been exploding with an intake of international students, which has really improved the quality of life in St. John's.  I was in the hot tub discussing the change of culture in the city with, what I believe, to be an Israeli professor of French and Spanish.  We chatted for a while and then went on our separate ways.  I was getting ready to shower and reached down into my gym bag to grab a towel and I noticed that the talkative professor has put his watch on top of my towel.  With a sigh I resolve to try and return his watch before he leaves the men's change room.  I figured I could just stick my arm through with the watch in my hand and remain discretely behind the door.  No such luck.  Sure enough, right on cue the guy opens the door and discovers me sheepishly holding his watch.  He takes the watch and says to me, "don't worry, it's not as if a breast is a weapon of mass destruction."  We both share a laugh and continue our day – with our clothes on.

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