Saturday, 19 September 2015

Only in St. John's…a typical Saturday afternoon

It is Saturday afternoon and other than morning coffee I have consumed nothing.  So, I arrive at the Ship Pub hungry for good food and music.  I plan my visit then because I know my friend Caroline Clarke has organized one of her Bluegrass Brunches.  I enjoy these events because the music is good, the food is good and it is one of the few times in St. John's that the pub can welcome children.  Most folks are drinking ice water or coffee rather than beer even though it is a rare, hot summer afternoon in St. John's.  Everyone seems elated.

I order water, a burrito and Greek Salad that sets me back all of $9.99.  The portion is so generous that even after an hour of happy, rhythmically inspired munching I only get through half of it.  Oh well, two meals for the price of one.

Caroline has a broad circle of musical friends and basically just puts out a call to come and play.  Everyone gathers around the pool table that has been covered up to protect its green and they play.  You are never sure who and what instruments are there.  But you do know that there is no cover charge.  Instead there is a donation jar with the money going to the S.P.C.A.  To me that's a win/win.
Yes, sometimes even a cello and its owner make an appearance.

In classic St. John's fashion when the group of musician's disbands after playing from 12 to 2:30, a good percentage of them wave goodbye and sing out my name.  And just then a man in formal black and white clothes whisks in to use the ATM machine.  I study his pony tail and I'm thinking, "Where do I know you from?"  And it dawns on me that I remember his showing me his tattoos, which are Dostoyevsky quotes on his thighs.  I can't help but think only in St. John's on a Saturday afternoon in my life.  Out to the sunshine.

That's Caroline on the right performing out in St. Mary's.

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