Sunday, 27 September 2015

I Don't Do Normal Very Well

Now that October is almost upon us I have to admit that summer is over.  The past few months have been my usual roller coaster ride, with lots of events, fun and the occasional disaster.  I have been reflecting on that time span and trying to pick out my favourite moment.  The problem is that there are so many.

Like the time I was at the tattoo convention here in St. John's and a virtual stranger comes up to me and says, "you are the single most aggressive woman I have ever met would you like to become my dominatrix?"   Really!  Now, where did I put that whip?

The highlight of last week was finally seeing
 this book in print.  I have a chapter in it.

Or there was the time I was at the Avalon Expo and a bearded individual in a leather dress sidles up to me and says, "I hear you're pretty good with a Bo staff.  Would you like to join the combat circle we've got going out back?"

I swear I couldn't make this stuff up.  Oh yes, I have a new nickname too:  "Gloria the incinerator" that one comes from my boxing coach who paired me up against a big black dude. This particular African American gentleman has close to a foot and fifty pounds on me…and the coach tells him "I'm doing you a favour.  She'll make sure you get a workout." 

I keep shaking my head and wondering who is writing the script of my life.  No wonder people tease me and say they can't wait for the TV Reality program based on my life.  Like I always say:  Who needs fiction when you have a factual life like mine.
Avalon Expo celebrated all things geek from medieval maidens to melting skulls.

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