Saturday, 16 August 2014

Free does not mean cheap

Tomorrow will be the final concert of the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival - Sunday: Festival Finale.

So, in closing I must give a shout-out to the emerging artists.  The Tuckamore brings us two streams of talent: world-class recognized talents and our musical future of emerging artists.  When the press and masters of ceremony tell you about super star status and list off a string of awards, well, that's what you expect.  Anything less than great and the audience is disappointed.

But when there is no admission cost and the talent is fresh…
Jenasha Iwaasa came to the
Tuckamore from Washington.
Etienne Pemberton is originally from Montreal.
He now parks his violin and viola in St. John's.

Nothing beats the hunger of a young artist eager to perform.  And although they may be young, if they are the kind of animal called a musician, chances are they already have decade+ experience of practice and performance behind them.

 This year I was really impressed with the choices of music performed.  I heard more pieces that I was unfamiliar with and my notions of repertoire were blown apart.

Special thanks to Etienne Pemberton for his wonderfully expressive playing, to Jenaesha Iwaasa for her ability to inhabit music and take the audience along and finally to Josiah Baarbé for absolutely creating a sanctuary of sound for us.

Josiah Baarbé,violist
to be remembered.
Each of the twenty-one Young Artists of the Tuckamore deserved to be in the roster and I hope they felt the sincerity of the applause they were offered.  We'll be watching for you…

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