Sunday, 27 January 2013

Reclaim Your Stolen Artifacts!

I thought this was important to share and yes I will post about Boxed In in a few days.

Museum, Archives and Antique Dealer Thefts - Atlantic Provinces 1996-

Hello everyone, 

The RCMP has recovered hundreds of artifacts and archival items that were
taken from museums, archives, libraries and antique shops from across
Atlantic Canada over the past 15 or so years. CBC have already  reported
this story to the public. You can read the article by clicking on the link:
s.html. The initial estimate of approximately 600 items has grown to over
800 and they are still busy cataloguing. It is extremely important that you
all check through our records on missing items and forward a list to the
RCMP in Nova Scotia to see if anything can be reconciled. Important to note
- accession numbers and museum labels are still on some of the items!

At this time we ask you to please draft a detailed list of items that have
gone missing from your museum, including accession number, label info,
detailed description, measurements, and photos if possible. As you will read
below and in the news article, Cst. Darryl Morgan has already been able to
reconcile a number of items and we want to get our heritage home where it
belongs. Cst. Morgan stated that:

“… [W]e need descriptions of what ever each one of you have had stolen from
your location over the years, no matter how big or small. Photos of these
items, if you have them.   We have identified  and recovered pieces from all
over the Province already from Dal, SMU, Mt St. Vincent Libraries, The
Legislative Library, Parkdale Maplewood Museum (New Germany) Kentville
Museum, Fultz House Museum (Sackville) , Waverley Legion, Shand Museum
(Windsor) , Blue Shutter Antiques (Chester) , Borden House Antiques (Port
Williams), Brambells Antiques (Chester) .”

MANL would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone how crucial it
is to have security measures established at your museum. It is also very
important to have a current inventory of the museum collection. If you would
like to speak with someone at MANL and find out what you can do to try and
prevent this from happening at your museum call us at (709) 722-9034.

You can reach Cst. Darryl Morgan at:

Darryl Morgan 
Street Crime Enforcement Unit 
Halifax District 
1171 Cole Harbour Road,
Cole Harbour, N.S.
Cell # (902) 448-6523
Office # (902)244-7208    


Sarah Wade
Outreach Officer

Museum Association of NL
15 Hallett Crescent, Suite 201
P.O. Box 5785 
St. John's, NL A1C 5X3 
Tel: (709)722-9034 

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