Sunday, 17 May 2015

Righting wrongs about tattoo culture

This week I have been working on a presentation I will give at the Rocket Room Bakery.  It will be about my research into St. John's tattoo culture.  My main problem is cutting it all down to my allotted time to speak.  Frankly, I have a book inside of me on this topic.  My subjects have all been so willing to share their stories.  From murder to the most tame of topics, I've heard so much.

One of my pet peeves is the maxim about how if you have a tattoo you are 85.% something more likely to have a criminal record.  If you have a tattoo you are also likely to be a lawyer, an investment banker, or whatever else…

The clichés around the tattoo astound me.  Such crap.  So much of it ain't fair… that is why I have continued with the subject.  It needs fair treatment and the media is not likely to make that happen any time soon.

See you on Wednesday night if you happen to be in my fair city of St. John's.

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