Thursday, 30 April 2015

Man proposes, God disposes and Art Excels

A.Y. Jackson's Red Maples - inspiration for the necklace!
Between travelling between two households and dealing with much that was unplanned, I did not post my usual, weekly blog.  However, this was one thing that was on my mind – a gorgeous silver and copper neck-piece created by Susan Lee Stephen.  It has such drama but with a delicacy that I think is characteristic of the work by Susan.  When I first saw it in her studio it was being prepared for submission to a competition in a national jewellery show.  It would have been grand to wear to the Governor General Awards…

The competition is called The Great White North Exhibition and it challenged artists to take inspiration from the work of The Group of Seven.  The work was on display during Fashion Week in Toronto and the Gallery 18 Karat will also be showing it this summer - so you still have a chance to see all the successful pieces.

Susan took the painting The Red Maples by A.Y. Jackson as her departure point.  Nature is a common theme for her and this challenge was tailor-made for her ripening skills as a metal artist.   She details the working process in her own blog, which I invite you to visit:
Drifting by Susan Lee Stephen.

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