Sunday, 14 April 2013

Greg Payce is the 2013 Winner of the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in Contemporary Craft

You would never confuse Greg Payce's ceramic work with anybody else's.

This isn't exactly fresh news but I have come across several folks in the professional craft community on the East Coast who weren't aware that the Bronfman had been awarded and that the worthy recipient is Greg Payce.  My heart did a little jump for joy when I learned this news a few weeks back and I sent a note of congratulations to Greg with the subject heading "you deserve it".  I told him that his work had hit such a consistently high standard over the years that I thought he really was a leader of the pack.  Or in more poetic terms,

“In his hands, the seemingly prosaic world of pottery takes on aspects of the illusionistic, the cinematic, the virtual..." – Steve Heinemann, Ceramist (nominator)

If you'd like to check out the Canada Council's website about the Governor General Awards and Greg Payce's in particular go to:
There are some really worthwhile videos on the site too that give you a crash course in the wonders of Payce's stellar ceramics.

I couldn't get over how the years have past when I read that
"For 43 years, Greg Payce has been shaping his experiences and passions at the potter’s wheel. He pulls from design, film, photography, philosophy, history – all while reinforcing his connection to fellow potters through the ages.  He has been passing on this connection to the countless students he has influenced over his 24 years as an instructor in the ceramics program at the Alberta College of Art and Design."

Dear me, 43 years! (I must really be approaching venerable old fart status myself!)  Mind you the Bronfman is a lifetime achievement award.  I appreciate how humble Payce is when he responded "mostly i am glad the fuss is dieing down a bit. i am not that public a person, and really just want to get back in the studio and make things."   

I am looking forward to jury duty with Greg Payce and my other esteemed colleagues for the Burlington Arts Centre HOT MUD exhibition.

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