Friday, 3 August 2012

We're back!

Our Amish neighbours at Verdant View Farms.

Well, we've braved the electric storms, the fog and the inevitable delays in airports and we are now back in St. John's, NL.

We encountered drought in the farm country, especially corn, in Pennsylvania.  Not good news for anybody.  But there were plenty of other goodies at the Farmer's Markets.

This was my second visit at Verdant and it was very enjoyable.  Wish I had more time there…

This time I actually made it to the nearby Quilt Museum in Intercourse, PA.  The exhibits are worthwhile and there is no admission fee.  Downstairs is a great quilt store as well where both "plain and fancy" folk shop.  Put it on your list.  My son and I got a particular kick out of watching a stubborn horse who refused to walk across the street when the lights turned green on the street in front of the museum.  When urged he decided to do the moonwalk instead and back up.  Finally the young chap driving the buggy got the horse to go forward by jogging alongside and then jumping into the wagon.
Amish aerobics.

The quilts on exhibit are both contemporary and traditional.  A real mix.

Storefront of museum.

One of the things that my husband, Dr. Research, discovered as a fun family outing was a trip to the Land of Little Horses.  (It was a nice antidote to all the Civil War stuff in the Gettysburg area that I personally find depressing.) This was a delightful farm, which was more like a petting zoo with shows.  And boy was I ever impressed by one little horse.  This 33 year old creature could add, subtract, multiply and divide.  Off stage we visited this four footed wonder in its stable and discovered that we could hold up a dollar bill ask the horse what it was and she would tap out the amount.  The horse could read numbers!  Give that horse a degree.
Looking pretty good for 33.

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